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From a client ...
... Your insights are brilliant.Your attention to detail is astonishing. I adore your dedication to perfection.Your sensitivity to my voice and style was exemplary. I consider you a diamond polisher of the highest caliber.

Thomas Steinbeck (son of John Steinbeck), Oxnard, CA, author of Down to a Soundless Sea, published by Ballantine Books

Editing Services

You are working hard on memoir. Perhaps you have written many drafts and believe there's not much more you can revise. It's finished. Or you've just begun to write and wonder if your ideas are logical and flow smoothly. Perhaps, you are somewhere in between and are not sure of the next steps to take with your material. We help writers at all stages of development. Our specialty is readability--making sure your ideas are clear and your style is appropriate for your target audience. Our editorial services range from critiques, coaching, and extensive reworking of your material to final polishing and proofreading.

Proofreading -- includes: correcting faulty spelling, grammar, punctuation, misplaced modifiers, changes in tense, problems in parallelisms, and use of sexist, racist, and other pejorative language.

Medium Copyediting -- includes all tasks for proofreading, plus: identifying inappropriate figures of speech, changing passive voice to active voice, and enforcing consistent style and tone. Also, tracking the continuity of the story details.

Heavy Copyediting -- includes all tasks for medium copyediting, plus: attending to the structural flow, organization, concept or character development, and dialogue; ensuring an appropriate pace, uniform tone, and clear focus; eliminating wordiness, triteness, and inappropriate jargon; smoothing transitions; and moving sentences to improve readability.

Substantive Editing -- If you completed your material, we critique it as a whole for theme, style, character development voice, structure, logic, and accuracy. Then we provide a plan to work with you on resolving the weaknesses in the writing. We can make the revisions for you or you can decide to do it yourself. the memoir checkup.

Developmental Editing If your material is not yet in manuscript form, we establish a collaborative relationship to help you shape your material. As you write and rewrite, we provide feedback and guidance. In essence, we become your writing coach. More about coaching.

Here's what to expect from us:

  • prompt and courteous service
  • a firm fixed fee for service
  • an understanding of your goals for your material
  • a focus on critical readability issues
  • a clearer and more compelling memoir that retains your voice
  • personal attention to maintain the integrity of your work

Complimentary First Feedback

If you are considering our editing services, we'd love to get acquainted with you and your material. Please feel free to submit the first ten pages of your work and some basic information. We offer general feedback on your writing, along with the proposed fee and schedule. There is no cost to you for this first feedback.

To get started, complete our convenient form or e-mail us the following information:

  • the working title
  • the stage you've reached in your memoir project, i.e. first, second, third draft
  • the total number of words (Hint: open the document in MS Word, click TOOLS, WORD COUNT)
  • any concerns you have about your material/li>
  • anything else we should know about your memoir project