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7 Memories: Write a Memoir in 28 Days

Are you putting off writing your memoir because you ...

  • Don't have a clue how to begin?
  • Can't remember information?
  • Don't like to write?
  • Don't have time to write?

7 Memories: Write a Memoir in 28 Days shows you how to write your memoir with ease:

  • Learn how to begin, step-by-step.
  • Re-charge your memories using our prompts.
  • Use the memoir examples.
  • Start with mere words and phrases.
  • Spare only 20+ minutes a day--and you are on your way to creating a priceless legacy.

Sit down with your cup of coffee or tea and start with a slice of life--7 memories that show your hopes and dreams, awesome experiences, and personality. They reveal your UNIQUE life story. We put it all together in 3 EASY steps:

GET READY (Days 1-4):

  • WARM-UP--7 MEMORIES IN A MINUTE-Introduction to the 7 memories technique--the manageable "slice of life" for writing your memoir. (TIME: 1-5 minutes)
  • IDENTIFY YOUR INTENDED READERS.-Who is your target reader: Your tone, writing style, and even the memories you select will change, depending on your intended reader(s). (TIME: 10 minutes)
  • FOCUS ON THE MESSAGE.-Make sure your memories and message are in sync. (TIME: 15 minutes)
  • REFINE AND SEQUENCE YOUR 7 MEMORIES. -Answer some questions and refine your 7 memories to create a summary sheet to guide your writing. (TIME: 45 minutes)

WRITE (Days 5-25):

  • WRITE WORDS/PHRASES. Start with any of your 7 memories and formulate your ideas using words and short phrases-whatever comes to mind.(TIME: 20 minutes per memory)
  • EXPAND-Then expand your phrases to sentences and paragraphs to tell your story. That's it-you have your first draft. (TIME: 15 minutes per memory)
  • ADD ZEST TO YOUR WRITING-Enhance your memoir with details. Many prompts help you add variety to keep the reader engaged. (30 minutes per memory.)

FINISH (Days 26-28):

  • COMPLETE THE 15-ITEM CHECK-UP--Determine needed revisions (TIME:45 minutes)
  • PROOFREAD-Eliminate those nasty typos and grammatical errors and choose from various printing options. (TIME: 15 minutes per memory)

APPENDICES (Memory Prompts)

  • Growing Up--Relationships with family and friends
  • Schooling
  • Early Activities (sports, hobbies, interests)
  • First Love
  • Adulthood --Long-Term Relationships/Marriage
  • Raising Children
  • Separation/Divorce
  • School and Employment
  • Beliefs/value systems/religion
  • Traditions/celebrations/trends
  • Aspirations and Dreams
  • The best of times/the worst of times
  • Family Heritage
  • Reflections
  • Memoirs We Know and LOVE

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