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7 Memories|How to write your personal stories--leave a legacy”
A Heartfelt Endeavor
7 memories is born of my urgent wish to encourage you to tell and write personal stories--your own--and those of your relatives. Please capture these rich memories before it's too late.

In my case, I waited too long. My parents and their siblings are no longer here to answer my questions about their lives. In particular how their philanthropic and musical endeavors influenced my own drives to compose movie music and start a family foundation. My mother told stories of playing the piano to silent movies in theaters and my father's mother started a chartitable organization that still exists today. How I yearn for more details about these stories.

When the first grandchild was born into our family, I felt compelled to regale her with stories about her great grandparents--my parents. Both were immigrants whose journey took them from oppression and poverty to freedom and prosperity; from riding in a horse and buggy to watching a man walk on the moon. Alas, they were no longer here to tell their stories. Instead, I patched together a photo memoir and wrote a child's version of their life together. My brother's grandchild delights in it. You can see an excerpt on the top banner of this web site.

This site is dedicated to those of you who:

  • don't like to write
  • haven't a clue how to begin a life story or memoir
  • don't know how to retrieve information from the past
  • feel guilty about not writing your life story

Everyone has a story worth remembering. Create a legacy that will live forever ... yourself or with a loved one.

The 7 Memories Series offers something for everyone:

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