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MemoirMagic™--Jumpstart your memoir ONLINE today!
MemoirMagic™ is a unique ONLINE tool for starting your memoir. Fill in some blanks and make some choices, then click a button. Voila! you've got your first draft. Try it now!

You'll have access to 20 chapters topics about your life. You also get How to Organize, Write, and Polish Your Memoir. We show you how to spice up your memoir so it sizzles.

You'll be amazed at the initial draft you can create. Learn more about MemoirMagic™.

7 Memories: Write a Memoir in 28 Days
For those who prefer a book format, we offer the 7 Memories: Write a Memoir in 28 Days. You will be guided, step-by-step, to write an amazing, heartfelt life story. 7 Memories: Write a Memoir in 28 Days. .