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From a client ...
... With your coaching, there were such noticeable changes in my writing. I received more education from you, than I did in most college courses. It was quite intense. In fact, it was remarkable. You are a talented woman with so much integrity. You changed the course of my life. I am now a published author and freelance reporter.

Christina Macone-Greene, Fallbrook, CA, author of Rebuffing the Bishop, Amira Press, in press.

Your Personal Writing Coach

Where can you go to find the help you need to become a better writer? Books and classes only go so far and may not address your particular needs. It’s not easy to apply what you learn from books or courses to your specific writing project.

According to our clients, working with a coach is the most effective way to get the help you need with your writing.

We will coach you based on your schedule and goals for your writing project. You decide the pace and schedule. We address topics such as:

  • scope
  • theme
  • plot
  • setting
  • character development
  • voice
  • dialogue
  • motivation
  • logic
  • point of view
  • continuity
  • pace
  • veracity of facts
  • word usage
  • style
  • proportion
  • sophistication
  • tone
  • your specific concerns about your writing

If your work is further along, we can provide specific guidance for improving your writing style. We edit sections of your material so that you see the exact changes and the rationale for the changes.

We offer coaching packages to meet your every requirement. E-mail us about your coaching needs.


Breaking Through Writer's Block

Where can you go when you get stuck in your writing? Perhaps your story needs a better ending, a quicker pace, deeper character development, or additional scenes. Maybe your nonfiction book is bogged down in complex concepts and written in a style no one will be able to read with clarity. Or you can't seem to write that synopsis, proposal, or query letter. Where can you turn when you get stuck in your writing project?

Work with a coach who understands writer's block and has assisted critically acclaimed fiction and nonfiction published authors. We have helped many of our authors to get "un-stuck." Then, they were able to move ahead with gusto and newfound passion. We can help you rediscover your creative energy.

As one client said, "I had been working so long on my novel, I was just sick of it. Trish, you helped me with your short collaborative exercises that weren't too overwhelming. Working on the exercises together and having someone out there giving me instant feedback was extremely helpful. I'm living in a remote rural part of Nevada and I feel somewhat isolated.The longer exercises didn't seem overwhelming, either. Working with you resulted in a breakthrough for me and I could see that I had to make a couple of major changes to the novel. Your exercises allowed me to see the forest through the trees. These simple, short assignments really helped. (Although they really weren't so simple, after all.) But I thought it was fun and interesting and it got me writing again." Celeste Porter, Elko, NV

Our collaborative exercises help you view your material in a whole new light and bring renewed enthusiasm and optimism to your work.

Rest assured, our work together will be based on your schedule and your goals for your writing project.

To get started, complete our convenient form or e-mail us the following information:

  • the working title
  • the specific genre, e.g. mystery, memoir, how-to, children's fiction/nonfiction, etc.
  • the stage you've reached in the project, i.e. first, second, third draft
  • the total number of words (Hint: open the document in MS Word, click TOOLS, WORD COUNT)
  • any concerns you have about your work/li>
  • anything else we should know about your project
  • how far along your project is toward being finished, i.e 100% finished, 50% finished, etc.
  • your goals for this material (self-publishing, traditional publishing, specialty house, etc.
  • anything else you would like us to know about your writer's block at this point

We will respond to your information promptly. So sit back and relax ... help is on the way.